Palestinian resources

- Stop the Wall factsheet on Mekorot “Nurturing Water Apartheid in Palestine”: 

- Al Haq report ‘Water for one people’:

- Palestinian civil society calls on Rome not to sign cooperation with Mekorot:

- Blue Planet Project report on Water in Palestine:

Multimedia resources

Latuff's cartoon on Mekorot  Latuff’s Cartoon on Mekorot

Infographics from Visualizing Palestine Infographics on water issues by Visualizing Palestine

al-arakiv-100810_02-23 Lifesource gallery of water related images

Photos of Palestinian anti-Mekorot protest Stop the Wall photos of Palestinian anti-Mekorot protest

Filling Point (by LifeSource and Pietro Bellorini) from Life Source on Vimeo.

United Nations documents

The United Nations report of the independent international fact-finding mission on the implications of the Israeli settlements on the rights of the Palestinian people:

2014 report on the settlements by the Secretary-General of the UN:

Other resources

French parliamentary report ‘the geopolitics of water’:

Amnesty International report ‘Troubled Waters’:

COHRE submission on violations of the human right to water and sanitation in the Naqab:$file/COHRE+Submission+to+Goldberg+Committee+Feb-1.pdf

 Campaign sites/news

- Argentina:

- Portugal:;

- Italy:

 The Dutch Vitens case