Ethusiasm in Argentina strengthens the Campaign against Mekorot

On World Water Day and in oaccasion of the International Year of Solidarity with Palestine, Saturday 22nd March, in the city of Moreno, Buenos Aires, a journey with several activities took place. It was an afternoon full of color and diversity, in which artists from different areas, simultaneously, showed their commitment to the Palestinian cause and the vital human right of access to water. Artists painted a mural and musicians such as Actitud Palestina, el Bocha, Voces Nativas performed.

The event was organized with the visible commitment by the Hacia Palestina (Towards Palestine) Association, the group Human Rights in Palestine, and the Argentinian Palestinian Federation.

During the activity speakers informed the public about the criminal actions of the Israeli water company, Mekorot, which monopolizes the service in the occupied Palestinian territories, drying up natural spring water from Palestinian lands and soil to divert it towards illegal Israeli colonies. The same company is trying to establish itself in Argentina. With the effort of local organizations and activists, it has had its work in the city of La Plata suspended. Yet, in other parts of our country Mekorot is continuing its efforts, bringing with it the consequent danger to our resources and complicity with their criminal actions.

We thank the Municipality of Moreno, the Director of Human Rights, Miguel Fernandez, the Moreno HIJOS group who all joined us, the people of Moreno and everyone who came to the square to join and share this evening in a warm atmosphere of camaraderie and enthusiasm.