Northwest Film Forum screenings and panel on The Human Right to Water: Connecting Local and Global Struggles with visiting filmmaker.

Program includes Filling Point:  Filling Point, shows the effect of Mekorot restrictions and violations of international law on the 20,000 residents of As-Samou – South Hebron.  The As-Samou Well Pumping Station had been pumping water since 1955 to the residents of As-Samou and an additional 25,000 Palestinian residents in the area.  In 1982, in violation of international law, the Israeli Military Commander sold all Palestinian water infrastructure under its control to Mekorot for one symbolic shekel – including this well and pumping station.  After years of negotiations, As-Samou was permitted to access some limited additional quantities of water from Mekorot via a new filling point to be constructed, but on the condition that this water not be distributed to residents through their existing water network.  Thus residents are forced to rely on slow and expensive water tankers with increased risk of water-borne disease, while a simple pipe is all that is needed to bring water to residents in their home.

Sunday, 6pm

Seattle, Northwest Film Forum

Organized by:
Put on by Stop Veolia Seattle and the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice